Rain Crow Ranch

Rain Crow Ranch is a family farm owned by the Whisnant Family.  Dr. Patricia Whisnant is a veterinarian and well known expert on grass farming.  She is a past President of American Grass Fed Association and has helped many farms sell their niche products.  The Whisnants provide grass fed beef and pasture raised pork to major grocery store chains and 5 star restaurants throughout the United States.


Many years ago, I was a former 14 year vegetarian needing to buy an organic grass fed cow.  I knew Dr. Patricia Whisnant through a mutual friend so I contacted her to ask questions.  During our conversation about how to buy a cow, we talked about dreams for her family business and the problems with country farms reaching their target market.  One thing led to another and we started their online business which is now one of the top producers of grass fed beef.

Their family’s dreams of having a sustainable income from their beloved farm have come true.  Plus they have helped many other farmers and their families.


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