ASEP is an After School Enrichment Program founded by Rich Kealey.  His program Vocabulary Is Power!TM uses games to make learning fun. VIP empowers students at an early age to achieve more and have confidence in their ability to communicate effectively. Excellent communicators become leaders in their chosen fields!


The news can be all gloom and doom.  However there are incredible people making positive changes in their sphere of influence.  As a web developer, I get to meet and work with people like Rich Kealey doing their part to make the world a better place.

As a Chicago Public School teacher, Rich recognized a huge problem with students’ basic vocabulary skills.   Instead of just complaining, he developed a plan to solve this problem by using games to make learning fun.

Vocabulary Is Power! TM (VIP) results are impressive with 67% average gains in post vocabulary assessments.  Plus the per student cost makes the program very affordable.  With VIP, students are developing solid vocabulary skills that will impact their lives forever.

Rich Kealey has huge dreams to expand his after school program to help even more students.    I love to hear about and celebrate the concrete progress he is making to improve the lives of inner city Chicago students.  He is deploying a simple and yet very effective plan.


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