Financing Software Website Design


FinanceMaster®  is the leading insurance premium finance software company in their industry. They offer a turnkey solution to easily improve profits for insurance agents, insurance companies, banks and premium finance companies.


FinanceMaster®  had a website that was designed by Code2Biz many years ago. Responsive websites are the new standard which essentially are sites that resize images and layout depending on the size of the monitor or screen. We took their existing site and designed new sales copy that engages visitors with beautiful informative sliders, easily scannable sections and clear call to actions.


    • Programmed a WordPress Responsive Website
    • Reworked Marketing Copy & Landing Pages To Be More Visual
    • Added a Login Area for Video Training
    • Developed Secure Forms Including A Payment Form
    • Designed Cloud Logo, Images, Icons And Layered Sliders
    • Set up Adwords Campaign Based on Keyword Analysis

Website Development

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Logo Design

Financing Software Logo Design